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In fact, according to the information provided in my EPSO profile I have answered xx out of 40 questions correctly, while the minimum score for being invited to the assessment centre session has been established at XX out of Moreover, and in order to establish whether material errors have occurred during the correction of my admission tests, I also request access to my file namely access to the wording of the questions and answers.

This in order to compare my answers to the ones indicated as correct in my EPSO account. To this end, I request you to provide me with an opportunity to access my file namely, a time and place for having access to my file and the name of a responsible contact person. The possibility for a candidate to access his or her own admission tests is moreover implicitly recognised in the tasks of the interinstitutional advisory committee, assisting EPSO, as it in particular has the task to examine any comments by candidates on specific questions.

Comments on specific questions may however only be formulated by candidates after having had the opportunity to access their own admission tests as it is not humanly possible to recall the exact wording of the questions and corresponding answers after having completed these tests several weeks ago and under high time pressure. The court ruled that EPSO is not the competent body to overlook the preselection tests. Another reason to challenge the Computer-based selection test and its results is the fact that the candidats do not sit the same test.

No candidate should be excluded from access to the assessment center on the basis of comparison to another candidate who actually did not sit the same test with the same set of questions. I trust that the reasons stated above are sufficient for reviewing my admission tests and granting me access to these same tests - the questions and the answers. Date et signature. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.Episode 89 is live! We explore all aspects of the EPSO test, from how to apply, to how to ensure that you are fully prepared for the rigorous application process.

We take you through the psychometric testing, the EPSO assessment centre, what you can expect in the case study, through to the new intermediate test phase. No matter where you live in the world, this episode is for you, as we explore the EUs internship scheme which is open to applicants from around the world.

Before we start many thanks to those of you who have completed the survey over at www. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Click Here to Download a Transcript of this Episode! The Graduate Job Podcast is your weekly home for all things related to helping you on your journey to finding that amazing job. Each week I bring together the best minds in the industry, speaking to leading authors, entrepreneurs, coaches and bloggers who bring decades of experience into a byte size weekly 30 minute show.

Put simply, this is the show I wish I had when I graduated. We explore all aspects of the EPSO test, from how to apply, to how to ensure that you are fully prepared full the rigorous application process. As always, all links to everything we discuss and a full transcript are available in the show notes at www.

See the show notes at www.

ABSTRACT REASONING TESTS - Sample questions and answers

Right, lets crack on with the show. One is to work in the institutions, and the other one is to work with the European institutions. What I mean by the first category is exactly what you just outlined; so working inside the European Parliament, inside the European Commission, inside one of the European agencies, so be a direct employee, or as they would be called civil servants in these institutions.

Basically, we can look at three main types of contracts. So, getting the traineeship is usually the entry point of any European career because traineeships are fairly open and they are fairly easy to get. That means that each of the European institutions, or all of the European institutions, have very structured and organized traineeship program. These are available online, so you can apply and find out more, usually they last five months, and they run twice a year, especially for the European Commission, which takes in about 1, trainees per year.

Number two would be temporary agent or contract agent. Which are pretty much like a fixed-term contract jobs. Which, again, are fairly large in number, it runs in the thousands, but, as the name suggests, they end at one point.

Usually they last anything between two to five years. What the actual job entails, so what the content, the substance of the job is, can be vastly different, because someone who is formally an intern can do extremely interesting and high responsibility jobs.

11 Completely Free EPSO Test Resources

Whereas someone who is a permanent official may have lower levels of responsibility, but there come other benefits or other things that go with it. James: Brilliant. So starting with maybe the traineeship, the intern so to speak, you mentioned that they were five months in length, and two intakes a year. What age range do they focus on? Is it people still at university, or post-university, or even before university? So, four semesters behind you, and then you can apply.

And, on top of that, linguistic knowledge plays an important role.

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So, usually English plus at least another language. They look for some extracurricular achievement, activities. James: For the applications, do you apply to the specific institutions themselves, or is it more of a general pool and then they place you? So, the Commission has its traineeship office but they only deal with European Commission trainees. Someone might be a trainee at the European Parliament as an administrative organization, but you can also be a trainee at individual members of the European Parliament or even at the different political groups.

The rule is that traineeship is strictly for the fixed number of months, for which you were granted that given traineeship, and there is no formal or informal way to become a temporary or a permanent official. But, having said that, at the same time you can definitely apply for the open competitions to become a permanent official, and I do know a few cases when an intern was actually offered a temporary job, but that was mostly due to a lot of things happening at the same time. For instance, the trainee obviously had a lot of talent, but apart from that there was a vacancy because of maternity leave, or there were some sort of opportunity opening up at the right time in the right place.A comprehensive, brand new edition including e-tray exercise, competency-based interview, case study, structured interview and much more.

Many thanks for this super useful book, it helped me so much. I managed to pass the EU competition, so I'm waiting to be recruited in the coming weeks. A big thank you! Anyone preparing for an exam must have it Administrators AD Edition pages packed with systematic advice and methodologies for tackling EPSO competitions, with hundreds of AD-level verbal, numerical, abstract reasoning and situational judgement test questions with answer explanations.

Learn more Buy now. Assessment Centre A comprehensive, brand new edition including e-tray exercise, competency-based interview, case study, structured interview and much more. Administrators AD Edition Assistants AST Edition Assessment Centre EU Career Development Book. Follow us on Facebook likes. Practice Practice realistic tests and find detailed explanations. Pass the exam Beat the competition thanks to detailed methodology chapters. Download now for free.

Test you knowledge! Practise epso-style tests.Hello again everyone! The most important thing, throughout the whooole procedure Admission and Assessmentis to know what they are actually evaluating. Both stages focus on your professional skills and these general competencies:.

epso blog

The admission stage is an initial eliminatory round that determines which applicants are admitted to the assessment phase. The best applicants are invited for the assessment. Some strategies for the time pressure:. Remember the schedule I did? Here it is again, under this list. Move on! Work out a strategy for if when you freak out a deep breath, count to 3….

You just need to see you brain as a muscle that needs to go to the gym once in a while to strengthen it! Practice practice practice. You have 1 min 45 seconds per question.

epso blog

It will be in your main language. The question has multiple choice answers. That way, you know what to look for. You need to let this go and work with the facts that the text gives you!!! It can also be years, names, etc. You have 2 minutes per question yaaaay…. You need to practice on how to sort it. Not the graphic! There are a lot of websites for this or maybe you still have your old books and notes…. You have 1 minute per question. The questions are sequences of five images D for diagrams that have a pattern running through the series.

You have to identify this pattern and use it to deduce the next image in the pattern. Always look for several patterns! To do this, you can practice your skills of quickly being able to see these. It is in your second language. NOT your own values!I promise you that this is the last EPSO blog post. Also, OMG the traineeship is soon over? Last part, part 4, is about preparing for the Assessment Centre.

Fun, right? It might not be useful right now, but it will in the future.

epso blog

Here it goes. The E-tray The case study or translation The structured interview The oral presentation The group exercise. We also know that an e-tray exercise is a computer-based simulation of a real work situation and replicates an email inbox which contains information relating to a particular issue. You need to find solutions in the best way possible within a fixed amount of time.

For each question you will have 3 options and you are requested to rank each of the options using the following 5-point scale.

Remember that they want you to fail! Watch out for sneaky footnotes, etc. For this written exercise, the main thing is to understand the question. Read through it really thoroughly to be sure that you got it right. For the case study, you have a mixture of 8—13 emails, regulations, articles and reports, and the time limit is 90 minutes. You have all the information that you need, the hard part is finding it in the million pages you have organise!

That is the most important thing. Keep updated and practice with texts from these newspapers. Do you remember what it is? It is NOT a job interview. The aim of the structured interview is to test 4 competencies, one by one, via relatively easy-looking questions e. The test is around 50 min long and in English. Base your answers on this! Find examples of the competencies that are tested for this part.

You can check some sample questions here to get a better idea of what to expect. Then you will have to give a presentation for 10 minutes, and you will be asked questions for another 10 minutes. It can be about anything!!! Be very careful of your time as 15 minutes plus 5 is very short. Only take notes on what is important for the discussion. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content.Unlike verbal reasoning, where you know you will come across written information and numerical reasoning tests that use facts, charts and figures, abstract reasoning tests can mean a variety of thin Open the test in a separate browser to view the questions and follow the solutions in this video.

Relax, we have you covered. Below we have compiled 11 completely free EPSO offers a collection of sample tests for abstract, numerical and verbal reasoning as well as situational judgement tests for both administrators AD and assistants AST. The tests are available in all official EU languages and will give you a general idea of the format and the difficulty of th From reading books, magazines, letters to reading an online article, you are using your verbal reasoning skills to process, organise and make sense of the information provided on a daily basis.

If you are applying for a role that requires you to sit a verbal reasoning test, there are strategies you ESPO Numerical reasoning tests use facts, tables, ratios, percentage and other data to test your ability to reason with numerical information We are starting with a bang! The new year brings a lot of news and improvements to our users.

Almost It is expected though that there is slight drop off and that the actual numbers of applicants was lower. EPSO has recently announced that it is taking a different approach to the Administrator competition in terms to what languages will be permitted in the second phase of the competition. We strive to continuously improve our service and bring you the best EPSO test preparation tool on the market.

That is why we are happy to announce that we have added three new functions to our testing environment. Home Blog. Read more. The questions and the answer alternatives will be shown in the order they ap EPSO Verbal Reasoning Test - a complete guide From reading books, magazines, letters to reading an online article, you are using your verbal reasoning skills to process, organise and make sense of the information provided on a daily basis.

The Administrator Competition — What will the top 5 languages be?Relax, we have you covered. Below we have compiled 11 completely free and trusted resources that will help you prepare for the EPSO exam. We recommend you going through each resource as all of them will help you in their own way. EPSOs own sample question database also called self-assessment test. Do not miss this website.

It holds a great deal of valuable information and among them is the sample test part that can be accessed here. The tests are also available in all EU official languages, giving you the opportunity to practice in your native language.

If you would like to know the correct answers and the explanations login on EPSOprep. Some of these groups have been active for several years and hold very valuable materials that will give you great insights in how the competitions work. Users post comments about their experiences, what kind of questions they encountered and help each other out.

Links to some of the biggest groups:. Assessment center group :.

Career synopsis

Administrator Generalist Exams AD5. All users that sign up on www. After each test you can see the correct answer and read the explanations.

Several abstract reasoning questions also have video explanations. It is also useful to analyze how you performed compared to other users and see how fast you answered each question in comparison to others.

Click here to log in and get started with your EPSO training. EPSO Verbal reasoning test guide. EPSO Abstract reasoning test guide. EPSO Numerical reasoning test guide.

For that reason, many of them offer free offline and sometimes online material and seminars across their country. They will usually invite ESPO employees or experts to share their experience but also tips and actual test material. This can be a very useful source as the information is usually coming straight from EPSO and can offer helpful info especially for those applying to an EPSO competition for the first time.

The best way to find your country resource is to get in touch with the country specific EU careers Facebook page or local EU Parliament and Commission pages and websites. The Swedish University Board for example holds annual seminars where they invite EPSO experts to share tips and experiences and hands out free material across some categories. On the below link you can find free questions and although verbal reasoning test is in Swedish there are more then 50 EPSO test online questions in English.

The Swedish University Board. The Irish Department of Foreign Affairs. Here you can find example questions with video explanations and watch introduction videos to various categories. Our psychometric test experts share their knowledge and show what methodologies to apply to maximize your score.

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