Bnha x villain male reader

It had been 10 years since your encounter with the villains. You were made into a deadly assassin trained for a soul purpose. You wore a knee-long black dress with black sleeves. A black bow was tied on your back. When you joined the league other villains teased you and tried to break you because you were small and a girl.

That only made you stronger and colder and now those villains cower at your very own name. The name echoed in your head because it was your given Villain name.

You remembered all the countless times you hunted in the dark eliminating heroes that endangered your so called 'family'. It was your mission and it's hard for you not to obey. Although the pale faces that faced death haunt you some nights, you know the consequences for betrayal, so rather their lives then yours, right? I am supposed to be one of the leading villains on the planned attack on the pro heroes," You replied.

Seeing we are the reason for turning you into who you are," Shigaraki said clearly putting more pressure on you," You know the consequences of what would happen. Of course I won't. How could I? They're my family and I have to prove my worth to them.

bnha x villain male reader

I owe them my life You were trained to be emotionless and a soldier to follow exact orders. Only the thoughts you had was to kill and your hate for heroes. Secretly though, you would be happy sometimes with Kurogiri because he acted almost as a father to you. We will prevail and you will be the one to kill the symbol of peace," You said as you smiled evilly. We are being raided none other then by the pro heroes!

Protect the base and make sure if All Might is here, kill him ," He said forcefully, "Understood? You were met by Kurogiri and the three of you ran to the attackers.Thanks for your great hcs :3 May I request a little scenerio with a girl who is a member of the league of villains but fell for Kai and she warns and helps him so he doesn't lose his arms and after that he thanks her and asked her what she wants because of her help and she says: "Just hug me :3".

Originally posted by oreki. Is there something I can do to retribuit? If you're still talking requests, can I request the childhood friend to lovers trope for Overhaul? Now jokes apart, Im really sorry anons for taking too long with the requests I was in the middle of my ending exams and was almost freaking out so I had to put them on the shelf for a while but now cracks both hands fingers lets get to work.

Originally posted by ianime0. Originally posted by giorno. Compress intrigued by the usual quiet man today being so infuriating and almost gloomy if he dare to say. Dabi soon spotted you and all the tension from his shoulders seemed to disappear just from seing your figure after you leaving almost two days in a mission with the lizard.

After a couple of steps away from the hideout you were soon gonna start the talking but a certain black haired man grabbed your hand; spinning around so you could lend on his chest; and hugged you tightly. You think this was gonna be lovely walk home?

Opsies no. He had to freaking bite your neck…. There you go again. In the middle of the soft drops of rain, you walked calmly and even jumped on a few puddles with that cute little laugh of yours, which he never failed to notice that little sound that made his heart flutter. Since when he started doing this? Perched on a building watching that beautiful person on her way back home to that apartment complex that were her own possesion.

He got down now at then to make sure that no life thugs bothered you, knocking the thieves, or even villains, down to make sure you had a peaceful walk to your home, providing him the feeling of calmness so he could return to his own as well.

Ah… now that he remembered… the first time he talked to you and made him feel like a mess. You two knew a little from each other before, sharing a little talk now at then… but that night was different. He was guarding a place along with Nemoto as Overhaul dealed with business inside a building… although his compusture fell when he saw that girl walking and a villain cornering her to give them the purse she was using.

His body moved before thinking, and he had beaten down the person and even kicked them out of there with a curse, only noticing right after what he had just done. He turned around and saw her staring up at him with eyes that swore knock the air out of his lungs… they shined with the moon light above them. He made his mission to talk to you at least now at then… learning that you sadly worked at some police station.

He jumped from the previous building to another, his hood protecting him a bit from the soft rain as his eyes never leaved your form. Always shinning even on the night. He never would forget the day when he came late to a meeting and how Overhaul was infuriated with it… all of that because you had stopped to talk to some friends, and notice his presence on a alleyway right when you left the cafe, chatting with him cheerily like you always had.

But yet… he hated it. He hated how you made him weak to his knees, his lungs squeezed whenever he worried too kuch to your safety. He hated at knowing this love was tainted. He was no good for you, neither you were good for him. Your job screwed up his, and the same goes in other vision. You distracted him and messed up with his focus on the yakusa.

And one time he saw that one of your suppose attackers was a rival of the Shie Hassaikai. You were no good for him, neither he was no good for you. He put you in danger and you put him on trouble. Yet, after so many chats and every time he watched over you after you left your shift at that fucked up work… he had discovered what he hated the most about all of this.

He hated that you were perfect. He hated that you were perfect for him.You were scrounging around in a dirty alley way looking for scraps to eat.

Villain Deku Inspects “You”-ASMR-[Deku x Listener Pt.4]

You were still 4 and it's been half a year since your parents abandoned you. It was dark, but you swore that a shadowy figure that was looming above you. You jumped back in defense and activated your quirk. Shadows suddenly bent to your will and did as you pleased. Your pure black shadows took on a physical form and erupted from the ground ready to attack in small shape vine-like forms.

You grabbed one of your shadows and broke a piece off like it was glass from the rest of the shadows, the shadow reforming itself into a small sharp black steel dagger and you held it in your own hand for self defense. You looked around and saw that that shadow figure actually upright eyes and a humanly shape and figured this was apart of his quirk.

A man with severed hands covered his body and had white hair came out of 'Kurogiri'. Why don't you come with us and we'll be your new family.! Family is dead to me! You hated the word hero. It only reminded you of what you were supposed to be. They treated me like I was a villain! Your widened your eyes with pure frustration. Remembering how your family had treated made you angry and heartless.

You clamped your mouth shut remembering that these two uknown creepy figures were still in front of you and they appear to have been actually listening to you ranting about your life's past and hatred.

His misty black fog cleared and shows his class figure, wearing a white dress shirt and black vest. I hate how they can be so good-hearted and act like everything can be alright! It's stupid to act like that! I'll never be a hero! Heroes are always praised, but me? I'm despised as if I was evil! People judge and criticize even though they know nothing! Fearing things they don't understand! You see we hate those imbecile heroes as well.

If people fear you then you will gain power! If the world sees you as a monster, then you can show them what a real monster is! Join us! A villainous smile grew across your face. Your eyes become more black and lifeless as if it was just a dark void.

Your shadows melted back into the ground into their original flat form and you dropped the black knife you held in your hand in a shadow and it disappeared like it was never there. Story Story Writer Forum Community. A born and raised natural assassin. The pride of the villainous social class.

Protect him[Bakugou Katsuki x Male!Reader]

Because you stayed in the dark. Killed in the dark. You were made to live in darkness and as long as you hid in the shadows of your quirk no one could touch you. Till someone shined a light on your hiding spot.He could do no wrong because of this facade, which is why it surprised you considerably when your boyfriend revealed his inner-self.

Keep reading. Snow fell from the sky in harsh flurries. The powder-like substance covered the once barren street. It filled the footprints of those that travelled through a mere hour ago, leaving no trace behind. A shiver wracked your body as yet another gust of winter wind hit you, hard. You tugged at your sweater in hopes that it would warm you up in just the littlest way.

The sky was darker than it usually was, leaving a dreadful feeling in the pit of your stomach. There was something coming for you, and you were waiting for it, fearfully. The chair you were perched on wobbled from side to side whenever your weight shifted. The sound of wood tapping on wood resounded throughout the nearly empty bedroom.

Letters pt. The door to your room creaked closed behind Izuku. His treads were light, and his lips curved into a smirk.

You seemed so innocent and serene when you slept. To him, you were a god, but a god that resembled a mere puppy-dog. You were weak and, because of that, incapable of taking care of yourself.

After finding out who you were, he began to litter his walls with photos of you. He worshipped you any and every second he could spare. He would kiss each photo when he woke up, returned to his apartment after work, and before bed. He was completely and utterly obsessed with you. You were the only thing he wanted on his mind. You typed away on your computer, the document in front of you filling with words as you did so.

It was currently a few minutes before two in the morning, and you had completed your assigned tasks already. After a little bit of time, you would be free. Just thinking about lounging about on your bed made it feel as if time was dragging on. Kyoya was known for being a quieter student. He refused to speak or connect with his classmates unless he found it necessary.

His actions were always calm and calculated. He came up with numerous plans ahead of time, so he could be prepared just in case something went array. His quiet behaviour led him to be more of an observer, which was of great use to him when he began to feel something for a particular [hair colour] haired classmate.

The young teen rested his head on the palm of his hand as he gazed over at [your name]. Those that did not know how he felt would have thought that he was deeply in love with the other boy. The truth, however, was far darker than they would like to imagine, for the male was simply infatuated with his presence. One could even say that he was obsessed. The very thought of the other tugged at his heart, something that he had been unaware of until he set his eyes on him.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Suspicious Figure 2. That Transfer With the Hoodie 3. Gorgeous Eyes of a Killer 4. An Unexpected Surprise 5. Ain't That Freaking Fantastic 6. We'll Always Be Here 7. What Was That?! That's How 'Tis Done 9. Why Should I Care Anyway? Loner Like Me Explodey They Screwed Up Big Time You're Going Down Isn't It More Like Torture?

Dragon Forme Welcome, to the League of Villains Let's Do This Birthday Special It's Pretty Quiet Anytime Soon It's Really You Halloween Special As If Blood Splattered on These Walls Kill Them I'll Be Taking Payment Now Christmas Special Who are you? Sent to U. However, little does she know that things don't always go as planned.

Villain: A cruelly malicious person who is involved in or devoted to wickedness or crime; scoundrel. A character in a play, novel, or the like, who constitutes an important evil agency in the plot. See the end of the work for more notes. The echoing sound of the footsteps danced in the hallway, chasing after the emptiness left behind from the remaining students, whom were retreating to their classes. The final bell concluding passing period, and starting class rang through the halls.

The bell was so loud, that even the nearby houses and neighborhoods could hear the thundering of the bell.Originally posted by osakaxkobe. You were supposed to have your friend meet you at the airport. You were from a small town and one of your friends from high school moved to Musutafu to go to college. Your parents were against it from the start.

They wanted you to be accompanied by an Alpha but you left before they had the chance to. You understood her education was important but leaving you at the airport kinda sucked. You were internally panicking. You quickly located a bus that would take you near the campus. The spent way too many times accidentally bumping into you during the ride. When you were finally forced off the bus by the unsympathetic bus driver it was already starting to get dark. So here you were standing under a lamppost that flickered on and off like it was also about to go out.

The fact that you were lost and alone in a big city made your throat clog up. Tears burned against your eyes, threatening to fall. The smell was comforting and warm. Hope to filling your chest with every step.

The smell intensified near a dark alley. You peered down it hoping to see some form of light.

omegaverse bnha x reader

Hoping that if someone found it they would know to look for you. He wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of the bar. It was a good night so multiple villains enjoyed the alcohol and music. His right-hand man Kirishima kept most of them at bay. He pulled out a cigarette and lit one up.

bnha villains x reader

He needed one every once in a while to calm him down. He felt a presence to his left, in an instant he had the figure pressed up against the wall with an arm pressed up against their neck.Katsuki Bakugou,The infamous class 1-A asshole. Now,He normally would not so things like this. He only did things for one reason and one reason only,Himself. If it benefits him in any way,He will do it. But carrying through the villain attack did not.

That was the reason you held on,For Bakugou Katsuki. Your crush. You obligated,No use fighting him. You started drifting off,You needed rest,That was all. Bakugou was looking for an escapd,He saw your eyes close and panicked. He put you down. You did not respond,You were deep in sleep. Wake up! You were blushing,You could have sworn that steam was coming off your ears. He looked at you,No malice,No nothing.

When both of you finnaly made it to the safe place,He laid you down gently and sat besides you. He did not make contact with you whatsoever.

bnha x villain male reader

You fell asleep a few minutes later,A comfy pillow below you,or so you thought. Bakugou looked at you with so much anger,but did not wake you up. Sleeping in his lap…His dream has come true.

Why do I feel like I have to protect him.? He wanted to sleep…Nobody was around…He closed his eyes as he fell asleep. Originally posted by bnhasource.

bnha x villain male reader

It's a me,Gay Tm. Protect him[Bakugou Katsuki x Male!

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